How Often Should I get My Carpets Cleaned

How Often Should I Have My Carpets Professionally Cleaned?

There isn’t a one-size fits all answer as to how often you should have your carpets cleaned professionally. It all depends on the individual household and its occupants. Taking good care of your carpeting with deep cleaning extends the life of the flooring.

Carpet Warranties

Most carpet manufacturers warranties stress the importance of having carpets cleaned once a year with a steam cleaner or hot water extraction. If you have a warranty, follow the cleaning schedule on it for best results.


The more children that reside in a household usually equates to more spills on carpeting. A large family also means a lot more foot traffic in the living areas of a home, which tend to break down the carpet fibers. Families with kids should have the carpet cleaned approximately every 9 months, but more often if you can visually see many stains on your flooring.


Pet hair falls deep into your carpet fibers so that you may not even see them. Young or old pets may have bladder problems and make stains on the flooring. In addition, pets go outside and when they come back inside dust and debris travels on their paws and enters the carpet fibers. Homes with pets should have the carpet professionally cleaned about every 6 to 12 months.

Family Size

Homes with only two adults in them that are gentle on the carpet can go as long as two years before needing professional cleaning.

Cleaning Tips

Some cleaning tips can help extend the time between professional steam cleaning.

Regular vacuuming as often as possible helps extend the life of carpet. Use a vacuum with a larger motor and a good filtration system for best results.

Deep Cleaning Advantages

Professional cleaning also provides a fresh scent to your home by removing odors in carpet. It also promotes the health of family members by removing allergens, dust, and dirt while extending the life of your flooring.

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